Pro Sound Office is an independent Yerevan-based company specializing in sound engineering and audio equipment distribution.
Coming from 25+ years of professional experience, we provide contemporary design & engineering services as well as equipment sales and rental options.


Professional sound industry has evolved greatly over the past decade. The quality bar is constantly being raised, and intelligible sound is valued more than ever. Our aim is to bring contemporary audio solutions to emerging markets, with a special focus on present-day Armenia. From intimate ambient installs to large-scale public events, we offer services for commercial and residential applications. Our specialists have worked with a broad spectrum of clients, including bars, theaters, nightclubs, malls, and sports arenas.

Equipment sales

Browse our selection of critically acclaimed sonic equipment and take your perfect pick. If any inquiries arise, help yourself to our consultancy service.

Equipment rental

Our rental inventory assembles essential audio equipment solutions for a multitude of purposes. We offer you flexible rental terms with a personalized approach.

Equipment maintenance

Keep the audio gear in A+ condition. We will service, maintain and repair your sound equipment to prolong its lifespan and prevent potential issues at an early stage.

Sound system design & setup

There is a unique set of sonic properties and needs for every space and every event type. We take the environment’s characteristics and customer requirements into account to develop the most suitable and efficient sound system design & setup.

Sound system consultancy

Reach out to us for an in-depth consultation to evaluate, plan and design your ideal sound system setup. Our goal is to develop a setup which fulfills your desired objectives while complementing the architecture of the surrounding space.

Room acoustic design

When placed in an unprepared space, even the best sonic equipment will not produce high-quality audio. We work with aural variables such as reverberation time, sound reflection and loudness levels to optimize room acoustics and smooth out the environment’s flaws.


We distribute products designed and manufactured by leading audio industry artisans. On this level of quality nothing will prevent you from appreciating the full potential of sound.


Our curated selection of sound equipment is characterized by high efficiency, excellent intelligibility, and outstanding performance.
Extremely Compakt Funktion-One Bass Performance

SB8 is an extremely compact, yet powerful and convincing bass loudspeaker.


Landmark audio manufacturing company, born from the mind of the award-winning visionary and industry pioneer Tony Andrews.

A legend within the professional sound community, Funktion-One is highly demanded in a variety of areas, with installations from London’s Millenium Dome to global-scale EDM festivals. Being especially regarded within the electronic dance music scene, it is the main sound system across world-renowned nightclubs such as Berghain, Cielo, and Space Ibiza. Our engineers brought Funktion-One to Armenia with a first-time-ever installation for Yerevan’s Scanner Club, now widely acclaimed for outstanding excellence of sound.

Tony Andews


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